SHAMSHIR RAI LUTHRA is India's First Rj, and Mindfulness and Communication Excellence Leader.  Who's Shamshir Rai Luthra?

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Can you spot me in the picture? "This is the FM Service of All India Radio" was our opening announcement. And we were the Music-Lovers, the Motivators, the Entertainers, and your Invisible Friends. Happy Republic Day, Shamshir Rai…

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Ahankara: Bend your ego. Moha: Learn to let go. Lobha: Leave room for dessert. Krodha: Conquer your anger. Kama: Rise above to find true love. Ego. Attachment. Greed. Anger. Lust. Understand the thoughts that overpower your consciousness. Live…

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Father to Son. Son to Father. We're proud of the contribution of our fathers and forefathers to Sikhism. The Dal Khalsa: In the 1600s, the rise of Sikhism and the Dal Khalsa (Sikh Army) provided…

Shamshir Rai Luthra via Facebook

The greatest temple that is entrusted upon us, is in our minds. Let us pray from there every day, and remember to forgive and give to those who know not how to forgive, and generously give. I will soon be concealing the previous post, on the…


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