SHAMSHIR RAI LUTHRA is India's First Rj, and Mindfulness and Communication Excellence Leader.  Who's Shamshir Rai Luthra?

Life Story So Far


Founder, Speaker Shamshir Rai Luthra (Śamaśīra Rāya Lutharā) is a spiritual healer, and creative activist who has the courage to change conventions and set trends. In 1994, he led the way in speaking ‘bolchaal bhasha’ (the common man’s language) on air! He succeeded as content consultant & voice trainer in Nepal in 1996, way ahead of India’s second radio boom. In 1997, he awakened the need for self confidence, personality development & voice training for each Indian. He authored two books, ‘Talk To Win’ in 2002 and ‘Lazy Ways To Enlightenment’ in 2003. At the peak of an action-packed career in media, renowned broadcaster and celebrity coach Shamshir Rai Luthra sensed an emergent need to spread the message of constructive thinking and good communication everywhere. Consequently, he founded Talking Rich in 2006, Ashirvachan in 2010, and Ashirvaani in 2013.




“I will speak for trees, the birds, and the bees…” highlights his concern for mother nature. He has made a sincere effort to work towards the betterment of humanity in any manner possible and continues to do so. In 1998, he was selected as a United Nations Volunteer in an All India Talent Search for Grass Root Leaders which was jointly evaluated by The United Nations Development Program and The Gandhi Peace Foundation. Since his school days, he has conducted numerous tree plantation drives across neighborhoods, written articles on environment protection, managed nature clubs for WWF India, raised funds and volunteered for organizations such as Consumers Forum, Amnesty International, CUTS, Centre for U.N. Studies, Deepalaya, Cry, Blind Relief Association Of India, the Red Cross Society, etc.




Christened Shamshir Rai Luthra, his first name is derived from Persian شمشیر shamshīr, which means ‘sword’, and the surname ‘luthra’ (Punjabi: ਲੂਥਰਾ, Hindī: लूथरा) belongs to the Kshatriya Varna, which in Vedic times, was the civil ruling and administration group which also included warriors. He was born on the 27th of July, 1968, at 5:25 p.m. in New Delhi, India. Brought up in a loving Punjabi Indian family, Shamshirji (Śamaśīrajī) values harmony along with the right to individualistic freedom. His thoughts have the power to guide, inspire and unite people of different perspectives and lifestyles. He keeps his word and stands by his friends.



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