SHAMSHIR RAI LUTHRA is India's First Rj, and Mindfulness and Communication Excellence Leader.  Who's Shamshir Rai Luthra?

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Work Not, for winning the race. Work to keep your body and mind awake in this cosmic chaos. - Shamshir Rai Luthra

Munish Sharma, Nikhil Raghav, Rai Aradhana and 1 More Have Come To Meet The Voice
Aug 15
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They always shield your hearts, and walk shoulder to shoulder. Sisters are stronger than most men. Shamshir Rai Luthra MORE PICS HERE ⇢

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Some people die suddenly, and some suffer endlessly. Human existence seems to be spent in preparation and hope. This 27th July/Birthday week, I’m preparing to launch my Online Classroom & Wisdom Portal - probably India’s first where Authors can teach their books and writings. And I’m hoping for the best to happen - that you will re-share the following promo and link, and join me as my best friends and mission partners. Here’s my preparation and hope, here a…




Life can be beautiful


February 28, 1973


Hi Shamshir, I worked for you as a scriptwriter many years ago. I'd like to work again. My mobile no is 9910244061. Please get in touch.


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