SHAMSHIR RAI LUTHRA is India's First Rj, and Mindfulness and Communication Excellence Leader.  Who's Shamshir Rai Luthra?

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He is a celebrated speaker who has motivated millions through his trendsetting radio shows, tv appearances, books, and live events for nearly three decades. You can now invite Author, Teacher, Healer Shamshir Rai Luthra for Inspirational Talks, Keynotes, and Lectures on topics of your choice.

SPEAKING PLATFORMS include Education and Literati Events, Social Empowerment Events and Global Forums, Inspirational Retreats and Team Building Events, Business Conferences, Product Launches and Celebratory Events, Community Gatherings and Small Study Groups, Media Seminars and Pageant Events, School Functions, Summer Workshops, and Teacher Training Events. 

BIOGRAPHY & INTRO.The Voice shares his light through various mediums such as writing, social service, education, arts, and public speaking. 

PRESS FOLIO People will always remember the way you appreciated and encouraged them, even from a distance. Here is a compendium of press coverages, mentions, and interviews. 

RESERVING DATES Send a personal invitation through email ( which can be followed up by a text message or direct phone call.

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With the intent of propagating oneness and peaceful coexistence, Shamshir Rai Luthra has created a powerful self-learning system, which integrates online learning media with objective workbook on self-knowledge development and self-expression development.

MENTOR TO SEEKER The end of an Author Session or Study Group Tutorial or One Time Workshop does not mean the end of a learning circle. With the aim to foster a timeless and unconditional relationship between the teacher and the seeker, the Talking Rich Studios Online Wisdom Portal and Classroom has been created.

HUMAN EXPERIENCES Good memories hold the good words and actions of your friends. Maybe then, True friends are those who recognise your light, always reminding you to remain the best of who you are. Meet his students, teachers, and friends.

ENERGY EXCHANGE The Teaching Fee charged from students and seekers is always reasonable and affordable. Although uniformity is desirable, it may differ from event to event and organizer-to-organizer after considering organising costs, etc.

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